Well Wished

Nuria is a lonely orphan who has recently arrived in a village where all the other children have disappeared. When Nuria`s grandfather goes to the wishing well to wish for the children to return, Nuria hopes she will get the one thing she has always wanted--a best friend. But the wishing well--which was responsible for the children`s disappearance--has a mind of its own, and few wishers ever get exactly what they wish for. Grandfather`s wish results in only one child being returned to the town--the wheelchair-bound Catty. Determined to make the selfish, demanding Catty her friend, Nuria uses her one wish to request that Catty have a body just like hers. The wish is granted, sort of--Catty and Nuria switch bodies, leaving Nuria unrecognizable to those who know her. Now Nuria has to outwit the devious well in order to make her wish really come true.



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